How to help?

Donate a box

The sponsorship amount of € 750,00 for a complete box, including delivery, is an average as the exact figure will vary for every deployment depending on many factors, including what aid is being sent and how the box is being transported.

Our bankaccount is:

IBAN: BE13 0016 0727 4539 BIC: GEBABEBB

Bijvennestraat 55
B-3500 Hasselt

ShelterBox cannot accept time or location specific donations. ShelterBox needs to deploy aid quickly (typically within 48 hours) to where it is needed most. To achieve this, we preposition boxes at strategic locations across the world. Due to the sheer scale and complexity of ShelterBox operations, it is also logistically impossible to guarantee where and when ShelterBoxes are delivered, however, we guarantee you that ShelterBox will only distribute aid to those who need it most.